Message from JCI Kowloon President

On behalf of Junior Chamber International Kowloon, I would like to extend our warm welcome to all of you!


“Be Inspired. Be Delighted. Be a Kowlooner.” is the theme of JCI Kowloon this year. We would like to see our members to be empowered through the development opportunities in JCI to achieve their personal growth, at the same time, have fun, fulfilment and fellowship.


Since 1956, JCI Kowloon has empowered its members and the community by presenting opportunities through flagship projects including “Together We Care” with the aim of arousing public awareness over a fair community and related issues for specific groups of people with certain illness and disabilities. “Business to the Power N” aims to provide a platform for new entrepreneurs to strengthen their knowledge of market updates and business networking. Junior Chamber International is a valuable worldwide network that encourages its members to connect with members around the world. We always take pride that we have a strong network of positive young adults who are constantly striving for the betterment of themselves and their communities. Our members not only gain global perspective but also given the opportunities to receive a variety of leadership trainings through the planning and execution of different projects that aim at benefiting the community and individual members.


With this foundation, how to seize the coming “Opportunity”? We always hear young people nowadays complain that lack of opportunities. Shall we wait for opportunities to approach us or creating opportunities by ourselves? Why do some people have many opportunities but not the others? Currently, the economy of Hong Kong is good and the unemployment rate is low. However, many companies cannot recruit talent even by offering an attractive salary. Actually a wide array of opportunities is around us; the problem is whether you can see it.


Besides, have you clearly demonstrated your strengths and value so that other people know what opportunities shall offer you? To seize opportunity when it arises, you need to constantly equip yourself. Once your horizons have been broadened, you will see many positive changes in yourself; your confidence will increase, your personal networks will be expanded, and your problem solving abilities will be enhanced. You will be able to see opportunities that others fail to recognize. Hence, you should ask for and treasure every development opportunity in Junior Chamber International and try to tackle as many difficult problems as possible. One day, you will find that you possess a higher ability than your peers and many opportunities will be available to you. You will soon be able to make your dreams come true!

Christine Wan
Junior Chamber International Kowloon