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2021 Dialogue Issue 1

Message from JCI Kowloon President – Evan Leung

“The Power of Care”

Why does “Care” matter? Care is about showing kindness and concern for others. It engages with people’s feelings and their sense of well-being. The act of caring is very powerful because individuals are interdependent, and by caring of others, it provides deeper bonds and support.

Caring is one of the traits of being a great leader. Leaders genuinely care for people and make you have the faith in them. When leaders care for others, they earn respect and trust, thus it influences the outcome. This creates a collaborative environment which leads to better performance.

In JCI Kowloon, we care deeply about our members and our community. I aim to cultivate a caring culture as I believe the way of thinking determines what we focus on and how we see the world. If one feels empowered, he is likely to be engaged and motivated to care for the things around him. As such, the spirits spread and together we create a positive impact. That process starts with us.

“Care Connect Create” is the theme of JCI Kowloon this year. Giving back to the community is an opportunity for us to grow as a better person. Service to humanity is the best work of life. The power of caring makes great achievements possible.

Message from JCIHK National President – Senator Winnie Yeung

Congratulations to JCI Kowloon for completing the first quarter with dedication and a lot of hard work!

Spring has just arrived and a kind word is like a spring day! I am glad that the theme of the publication is “Care”. Caring about other human beings is one of the most beautiful capabilities we have in life. That’s because to care is to love, and love can empower.

When people care about each other, they always find the way to make things work, no matter how challenging the situation is. President Evan and JCI Kowloon care a lot about the growth and development of their members. I am particularly impressed that they empower and connect members in various activities and programs in the past few months.

Though our world is still experiencing a dynamic and constantly changing situation with the spread of COVID-19, never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. Just like Margaret Mead said, for, indeed, that’s all who ever have!

Message from National Assigned Executive Officer – Patricia Loo

Challenging times call for leaders who possess the will to ride through obstacles, the wisdom to unite parties, and importantly, the passion to create a better future. To breakthrough and achieve new heights, leaders must first genuinely care about the work they do, as well as the ones they lead.

It is my great pleasure to witness President Evan and Kowlooners exemplifying these attributes on a regular basis. In addition to their flagship community development programs, they also took extra effort to serve our society by reaching out to people in need, such as providing emotional support to students under quarantine. Their renewed focus on membership engagement and development programs also reflects the care and dedication they have towards the well-being and growth of their fellow members. This focus on community and young people empowerment echoes closely with the theme of JCI Hong Kong this year, “Empowered leaders, empower leaders.”

It is my honor to be the National Assigned Executive Officer of JCI Kowloon this year. I look forward to a rewarding and fruitful journey with you all, and I wish JCI Kowloon great success in the year 2021!

Cover Story

We are delighted to invite representative of Green Monday Group to do sharing about the Vegetarian Lifestyle and background about itself. Green Monday is the pioneer in Asia to launch a large scale plant-based movement by advocating flexitarian lifestyle, the company aims to be a global changer maker for a sustainable future by constructing a multi-faceted global ecosystem of future food that combats climate change, food insecurity, public health crisis, planetary devastation, and animal suffering.


Background of guest speaker

Alvin – ESG & Communications Manager of Green Monday Group. Alvin graduated from the Department of Ecology and Biodiversity, HKU in 2003. Before joining Green Monday, he pursued an alternative eco-education pathway by being a dolphin researcher in Hong Kong waters, joining journalism as a journalist and for ~10 years he contributed stories to most of local media.


2021 JCI Kowloon Inauguration Ceremony

21 JCI Kowloon Inauguration Ceremony was successfully held on 22 January, 2021. This is our first ever Inauguration Ceremony launched in Facebook page. 

You may find above 2 videos for recap of our event!
[Part 1] JCI Kowloon – 2021 inauguration ceremony
[Part 2] JCI Kowloon – 2021 Year Plan

January Active Citizen Run

Active Citizen Run was firstly launched on 9 January, 2021 by Membership Team. This is a monthly activity in order to encourage our JCI Kowloon members to do more exercise and stay healthy.

February Membership Activities

We got lots of membership activities in February – Active Citizen Run on 13th February, Lucky Walk Gathering in The Peak on 14th February and Three Dragon Bonanza on 21st February. Many of our members have joined the activities and get a great chance to gather with each other!

Prospective Member Orientation

Our first PMO was successfully held on 26th February. The face-to-face orientation was a small group but it was worthy to every PMs and PPMs.

Thank you to our PP Senator Johnathan Lee to be our guest speaker of the PMO.

Active Citizen Run – Season 1

#Care members’ health.
#Connect with members anywhere on the same day.
#Create a positive change.
With the event “Active Citizen Run” organized by our membership team, we are happy to see members run together from anywhere on the same day every month.
Even under the restrictions of COVID-19, we are CONNECT!
Active Citizen, let’s continue to run together!

New Member Induction Ceremony – 2021 March

Welcome our new members, Kin Mak and Ken Chong, to join our KJC family.

Hope you can create positive change from all development opportunities provided by JCI and wish you every success in the future.

CONNECT INTERNATIONALLY – 2021 March Monthly Fellowship Gathering


  • With a year of worldwide travel restrictions, do you wish to CONNECT INTERNATIONALLY?
  • We have honored to invite our Past President Senator Jade Chan to share with us some International Opportunities!
  • She would echo the wish of members to share some juicy stories in culture shock and culture melting when she relocated to Germany, more importantly, she would offer some take-away for thinking methodology in choosing a life partner and business partners, decision making and personal development, for Hong Kong Youngsters who are facing to the dilemma in life and work, it is definitely a good opportunity to get the insight.

Background of Star Speaker – JCI Kowloon Past President Senator Jade Chan

Owner – Medical business (International trading of radiotherapy equipment)
Global Consultant – Medical investment
Founder – Health Care AdvocatorExpert
Contributor – Keypad Magazine in Healthcare


Community Development

Live Concert

Since there’s a secondary school (筲箕灣官立中學) got into quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic on campus, our CD team had arranged a special musical event on 18th February for teachers and students to cheer them up.


Leadership Development

Develop UNIQUE Skill Sets with JCI Official Course

We also held a workshop on JCI Discover and Effective Leadership together with JCI East Kowloon, JCI Shatin and JCI Lantau on 28th February. Much appreciated to Head Trainer Senator Joel Li and NVP Ellen Chung for their valuable sharings. Our chapter members gained a lot of knowledge about JCI values and practical skills of being an effective Leader

Flagship Project Leaders of Leaders

What is “ Leaders of Leaders ”?

Project Goals:

  • To provide self development opportunities to youngsters to get know their inner ability
  • To earn management experience for future career
  • To enhance the youngsters career portfolio
  • To create positive change to society Scan the QR code if you want to know more!!

International Affairs

Virtual Gathering with JCI Kuala Lumpur

We also have a gathering with one of our sister Chapters JCI Kuala Lumpur by Zoom on 24th February. We were having fun and good interaction with members of our sister Chapter.