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2021 Dialogue Issue 2

Message from JCI Kowloon President – Evan Leung

Live a Healthy and Green Lifestyle

Have you ever thought of moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle? Living sustainably means adapting our lives in order to avoid excess waste and prevent the depletion of earth’s resources. There are lots of innovative ways that we can do in our daily lives in reducing landfill waste and preserving nature. Over the past months, JCI Kowloon has devoted effort in promoting green living and the UNSDGs in our projects.

JCI Kowloon has recently held our leadership development flagship project “Leaders of Leaders 2021” competition day earlier in July with the theme of advocating green living. It was fascinating to see that our young participants had many creative ideas to echo green living and made a great presentation. The participants overcome challenges while formulating their proposals. I believe that the progress they made during the process would definitely help them to learn and grow. After a month of organising, the winning team has arranged an environment bag DIY Workshop in August. I am tremendously excited to see that these young adults learnt how to organise a community project, and that they have joined our JCI Kowloon family to start their JC journey with us.

Our community development flagship project “Shelter Dreams 2021” this year focused on educating children the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. We have organized a visit to a recycling glass plant and a recycling glasses bottle art workshop. I’m pleased to see many smiling faces of the children and I have received many positive comments from the parents on event day.

You can integrate sustainability into your lifestyle by taking small steps to reduce your carbon footprint of daily consumption and energy use. Small changes can make a big difference. All of you can contribute to a sustainable environment.

Stay healthy and cheerful!

Message from JCIHK National President – Senator Winnie Yeung

Congratulations to JCI Kowloon for launching meaningful and successful projects in the past six months!

The theme of the 2nd publication is “Connect” and I find it so relevant to the continuous success of an organization. One of my favorite quotes is “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford.

Something unbelievable happens when connection takes place. Things change when everyone on the team is connected. We find ourselves working faster, making less mistakes, and creating better ideas.

Connection begins by building trust: trust that “if you fall, I will be there to catch you.” I am very lucky to have met great friends in JCI Kowloon who always catch me when I fall. They made me want to be a better person, someone who deserves their love and care.

I wish that you would also meet people whom you care and care about you in JC. Connect with them and they will change your life!

Message from National Assigned Executive Officer – Patricia Loo

Progress doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is through the connections we make that we are able to inspire change and become better people. Indeed, building connections is such an important ingredient of the JCI movement that “Connect” is listed as one of the core strategies in the JCI Strategic Plan.

The pandemic has changed the way we connect with others, and I am very pleased to witness JCI Kowloon adapting to the New Normal and investing in a diverse range of channels to connect with young people and stakeholders from different sectors of society. Their efforts in revamping their social media channels, webpage and online marketing strategies have resulted in marked increase in their flagship projects’ participation rate. At the same time, various membership programs were launched to engage members and enhance bonding. All this contributes to an environment where members can be empowered to grow into future leaders.

Alone we can achieve a lot, but together, we can achieve much more. All the best to JCI Kowloon, and may we continue to find ways to connect with each other for a better future for all!


We are delighted to invite CEO of Brands United Limited to do sharing about brand building and licensing experience, as well as sustainability of his family business. Brands United Limited is one of Asia’s leading companies in retail merchandising, licensing, brand management and promotions. The company goal is to become Asia’s leading licensing brand management company for entertainment, trendy, character and ‘Kidult’ brand properties.

Background of guest speaker

Stanley Yeung, JP, is the Chief Executive Officer of Brands United Limited and Justice of Peace (JP) appointed by the Hong Kong SAR government.

Ever since his graduation from York University in Toronto, Canada, Stanley started his career in traditional gift and premium business with his family connections in OEM manufacturing. After years of experience and growing knowledge in the licensing field, Stanley established Brands United Limited in 2014. Stanley is especially known for combining creativity into business strategy, and has gained wide recognition and attracted numerous interview and media attention from locals and around the world.

Stanley served for HKTDC Toys Advisory Committee during 2011-2015, and is currently a member of the HKTDC Design, Marketing and Licensing Services Advisory Committee.

Aside from his success in the business sector, Stanley is also dedicated to serve the community, aims on crime fighting and youth development. In 2008, Stanley granted Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service. In 2013, Stanley is appointed by the Hong Kong SAR government as Justice of Peace, being one of the young JPs in Hong Kong.


2021 April Monthly Fellowship Gathering – “International Business Etiquette”

April MFG was held successfully on 25 April 2021 at Causeway Bay Nina Hotel. Special thanks to our star speaker, Shirley Cheung for her wonderful sharing on strengthening young people’s business social etiquette skills in the workplace and how to apply them in the future workplace to further enhance their personal professional image.


Causal gathering with JCI Queensway

For exploring our member’s network, we arrange a causal gathering with JCI Queensway on 16 April 2021. They can meet more new friends form other chapters.

2021 May Monthly Fellowship Gathering cum Fundraising – DIY Aromatherapy Mask Clips Workshop

May MFG was held 29 May 2021 at Causeway Bay. Thanks for our guest speaker, Ms. Connie Yip to share the knowledge of how essential oils may be used to support variety of issues such as stress relieve and allergic rhinitis. We also have the workshop on making aromatherapy mask clips for fundraising.


Prospective Members Orientation 2

Our PMO 2 was successfully held on 20th May at JC Office. Thanks to our Past President Senator Aron Wong for sharing on “Stepping Out of Comfort Zone” to all PMs and PPMs.

2021 June Monthly Fellowship Gathering cum SMC Gathering – Wine & Health

June MFG was held on 26 June 2021 at Kowloon Hotel. Thanks to Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Steve Yu for sharing with us the knowledges of wine and health. We also have a wonderful gathering with SMC members that night.


2021 July Monthly Fellowship Gathering cum Together We Care Workshop – Care For Your Mind

July MFG was held on 31 July 2021 at Kowloon Bay. It’s our honor to invite two guest speakers to the July MFG: Guest Speaker Mr. Victor Ching shared about “Mindfulness Practices for Daily Life” and “How to Use Mindfulness in Times of Crisis and Challenge”; Yoga instructor Ms. Apple Tang did practice “Mindfulness yoga” with us.

36th 5 Star Training Camp

Our full member Annie Cheung joined the 5 star training camp on 17-18 July. 5 Star training camp is a camp which welcome new members to join to gain some useful JCI knowledge and meet new friends.



Flagship Project

Community development flagship project-
Shelter Dreams 2021

We had done a street interview with Teenagers to raise the awareness on Hong Kong recycling policies and facilities on 23 May 2021.


Visit a glass recycling factory

For gaining more knowledge about solid waste, we arrange a visit and printing event to the family on 14 August 2021, there’re total 222 people to register the event.

Glass printing

Since the pandemic issue, we only allow 80 people to join in the end. They really enjoy the event and hope that they can join again next time.


Leadership Development Flagship Project –
Leaders of Leaders 2021

Leaders of Leaders Session One and Two Workshop held on 20th June 21 and 26th June 21. The Workshop aimed to train up the age 18-22 teenagers to be a leader before they graduate. Teenagers will have their group discussion and design the project proposal

There are 15 teenagers joining in 3 groups.

Our baby trainers will help monitor the groups for proposal preparation.

Presentation and Award Ceremony

Leaders of Leaders – Presentation and Award ceremony has been held on 25th July 2021 with Three groups presentation

It’s our honor to invite three judges to our flagship project – Leaders of Leaders 2021. We had total 15 participants which is in three teams to present their project proposal about Green Living on the event day. The champion team will be offered an opportunity to execute their project idea.

Thanks for our Judges:
Devana NG (Co-founder of Invisible Company)
Katina CHONG (Social Seed Project Director)
Catherine SUN (Sister chapter President of Pan Mac JC)

Leaders of Leaders 2021 –
Champion team (Rocket Panda) project

“Rocket Panda” team won the competition, JCI Kowloon helped them to hold their project. The project is about to use “OLD” clothes to re-create a recycle bag.


International Affairs

Celebration on 30 Years of Sisterhood with Pan Mac JC

This year we are celebrating 30 years of sisterhood with Pan Mac JC in Macau, our first event is “Let’s Meet Together 想見你” which was held on 23 April 2021 (Saturday) via Zoom meeting. We were playing funny group games and have great sharing from Past Presidents from JCI Kowloon and Pan Mac JC that night. 

Let‘s Help Together 幫到你

The period started from May to August 2021.
The “Wish List” (心願清單) from Members of JCI Kowloon and Pan Mac JC are collected, the wish lists will be paired and then members from 2 Chapters will realize the wishes for each other.

(Global network Gathering for next Generation)

We collaborate with sister chapter JCI Nagoya on the youth training project “3G Project”. We encouraged high school students from Hong Kong to join this project to attend training provided by tutors from different countries and to meet oversea friends.

We had 2 students who come from The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong to join the event this year. Two web trainings were held on 13 June & 26 June. And the presentation day was held on 27 July.


Meeting with JCI Vice President

JCI is an international organization in the whole world. We still connect with different country to know more their situation under pandemic. We had a zoom meeting with JCI Vice President William on 22 June to let our members have the updated trend about the whole world.