JCI Kowloon E-Dialogue – 2023 Issue 13

International Vision

A City of INNOVATION – Nagoya

Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture of Japan, situated on the Pacific coast of central Honshu, the main island of Japan, evolved early as a major transportation hub and offers complete infrastructure for land, sea and air transportation, and forms Japan’s financial strongest region.

Nagoya is known for its rich history, culture, and economy, and is home to a number of notable attractions.

INNOVATION has always been part of Nagoya’s culture.

The worlds’s first wooden robots, mechanized puppets known as karakuri dolls, were developed in Nagoya during the early 1600s, then led to automated loom manufacturing, which in turn influenced vehicle production line techniques, launching Nagoya’s powerful industries.

Being the home to a number of technology businesses, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries, Nagoya is the nation’s leader in technology businesses.

Toyota Motor Corporation:

Toyota is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, and its headquarters are located in Toyota City, which is just outside Nagoya.

Toyota has a number of research and development facilities in the area, and is a major employer in the region

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation:

Mitsubishi Aircraft is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and is responsible for developing and producing the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, a new passenger aircraft that is designed to be more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than existing models. The company is headquartered in Nagoya and has a factory in nearby Toyoyama.

Being a city of innovation, there are several inno-tech attractions that are worth visiting, such as: Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya City Science Museum, Aerospace Systems Exhibition Nagoya , SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, etc.

JCI Kowloon started the sisterhood relationship with JCI Nagoya in 1983. To celebrate the 40 years anniversary, the International cooperation project, Nagoya INNO Explore, would be held on 15-18 June 2023. Registration is open to Hong Kong innovators and university students. Join us now!

About JCI Kowloon
JCI Kowloon was established in 1965 and is the second most senior chapter among the 21 chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. We aim to provide development opportunities for young people to learn from the 3 JC paths: Project Management, Chapter Management and Training, so as to create positive changes to themselves and to the community.
Members in JCI Kowloon include entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. Over the years, we have organised and launched a number of impactful projects for the betterment of the community and members. Through the unique platform of learning by doing offered by Junior Chamber International, our members not only grow personally but also expand their business network.


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