JCI Kowloon E-Dialogue – 2023 Issue 25

Together We Care

C.Doctor, No Border (無國界・「中」醫)

With support from the Chinese Medicine Development Fund, on July 22, 2023, JCI Kowloon successfully held a seminar by experts in traditional Chinese medicine about “preventive treatment” to deal with chronic diseases. The event has also been live-streamed worldwide, receiving support from Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Macau.

Dr. Ko Wing-man (高永文醫生), GBS JP, the chief honorary advisor of the project, expressed his pleasure to see the modern development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. From traditional ancestral Chinese medicine practitioners as the mainstay in the 1980s to the establishment of schools of Chinese medicine by three universities, systematically training the new generation of Chinese medicine practitioners in Hong Kong, there are now more than 1,000 registered Chinese medicine practitioners trained by the system in Hong Kong. Dr. Ko pointed out that since the end of 2003, the Hospital Authority has set up Chinese medicine research centers in 18 districts of Hong Kong, together with independent Chinese medicine clinics established by universities and voluntary organizations. The scale of the community is unique in Hong Kong. Recently, the government launched the “Primary Healthcare Development Blueprint”, Dr. Ko pointed out that Chinese medicine will become an important part of it. Moreover, Hong Kong’s first Chinese medicine hospital will be completed in Tseung Kwan O two years later, and the Department of Health has also established a Chinese medicine testing center. Dr. Ko hopes that Hong Kong will grasp the unique status and advantages of “one country, two systems”, integrate into the national development blueprint, and promote Chinese medicine to the world.

Seminar Highlights:

Project Hon. Advisor and Keynote Speaker Prof. Lin Zhixiu (Dean, School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Topic: TCM treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Project Hon. Advisor and Keynote Speaker Prof. Yi Bin FENG (Dean, School of Chinese Medicine,The University of Hong Kong)

Topic: TCM prevention and treatment of cancer and related diseases

Project Hon. Advisor and Keynote Speaker Prof. Li Min (Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning), School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Topic: TCM treatment and prevention of Parkinson’s disease

The event ambassador artist Ming Choi (蔡梓銘中醫師) , a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, participates in TCM-themed programs of different media from time to time, explaining TCM to the public. He uses the “Qian Kun” in the eight trigrams as a metaphor to compare traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, taking care of the human body; Ming believes that Chinese and Western medicine should learn from each other and be more united without losing the fundamental concept of Chinese medicine so that Chinese medicine can be promoted to the world and benefit more human beings.

Theresa Wong, president of JCI Kowloon, said that the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine was formed in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is the wisdom of Chinese, combining thousands of years of practical experience. Abundant literature records, clinical practice and scientific research have confirmed the inheritance and development, curative effect and value of traditional Chinese medicine in history. Promote Chinese medicine to all parts of the world, so that more countries and regions can benefit from the treatment and health care of Chinese medicine.

About JCI Kowloon
JCI Kowloon was established in 1965 and is the second most senior chapter among the 21 chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. We aim to provide development opportunities for young people to learn from the 3 JC paths: Project Management, Chapter Management and Training, so as to create positive changes to themselves and to the community.
Members in JCI Kowloon include entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. Over the years, we have organised and launched a number of impactful projects for the betterment of the community and members. Through the unique platform of learning by doing offered by Junior Chamber International, our members not only grow personally but also expand their business network.


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