Community Impact

Through various community development programs, members identify social needs and issues, and develop projects to improve the well-being of the community. Awareness and sensitivity on community problems are thus enhanced.

Sustainable Development Goals

We all know that we face big challenges in today’s world, such as poverty, inequality and climate change…
Big challenges need bold action to overcome them, and that is where Global Goals come in. They are a plan agreed to by all world leaders to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030, and we all have a role in achieving them.

Public Health Awareness

Flagship Project “Together We Care (港心·廣愛)” is a project organised by JCI Kowloon that aims to explore and raise awareness towards different Hong Kong social issue…

Environmental Awareness

Cultural Promotion Activities

Experiencing Poverty

Reading Dreams and Quality Education

Establishment of six libraries in schools in rural areas in Mainland China, with Funds raised through activities.

JCI Action Framework

As an organization that develops leaders for a changing world, JCI provides members with a wide range of opportunities to develop themselves, their local and international communities and their entrepreneurial endeavors through hands-on experience. The JCI Action Framework is the methodology that guides JCI members through this hands-on experience.

Whether members want to make a real economic impact through local job creation or professional education, create a strong business plan that can yield new jobs to the economy, organize an international event, or develop their personal skills, the JCI Action Framework provides a roadmap for JCI members to tackle these challenges and turn them into extraordinary opportunities.