INNO Leaders

INNO LEADERS International Business Development PROGRAM 創科領袖・國際商務拓展計劃

Exchange & Visit 

    • Nagoya, Japan INNO Tour
    • GBA INNO Tour


    • Smart Catering
    • Future of Work


    • INNO Brand Marketing
    • Business Presenter
    • Patent registration in HK

Business Networking

    • Build INNO Startups Peerhood

INNO Leaders’ Needs – Survey

Press Conference

The “INNO Leaders” Survey Result Press Conference cum Kick-off Ceremony was successfully held on March 18, 2023, at H6 CONET, Central.

This questionnaire invited those Hong Kong entrepreneurs who are aged 18 or above or any industry professionals who intend to start a business. Through this survey, we hope to understand the current situation about innovation and technology development in Hong Kong.



Mr. Duncan Chiu (Legislative Council Member Technology & Innovation Constituency, HKITJC President, Chairman of HKTDC), Ms. Angel (Chairman of the Greater Bay Area Youth Development Association) and Mr. Kelvin Wong (INNO Startup, CEO and Co-founder at CheckMate, President of PolyU Entrepreneurship Society) had been invited as guest speakers for the Press Conference.

Mr. Duncan Chiu, mentioned that Hong Kong and Mainland signed an agreement to establish the Mainland/Hong Kong Science and Technology Co-operation Committee which is responsible for formulating and coordinating exchanges and collaboration on science and technology between the two places. Both parties subsequently renewed the agreement by signing the “Mainland/Hong Kong Science and Technology Co-operation Committee Agreement”. This can show the supporting from Mainland China on the establishment of the International Innovation and Technology Hub. Therefore, Hong Kong should take these advantages on the country’s development strategy, to explore and to enhance the scientific research development and look into the investment opportunities in order to put Hong Kong and Mainland China on the same track.

Mr. Duncan also stated that it was difficult to recruit the talents if we only replied on the scientific research projects in schools. If China can be involved in the development of the large-scale projects, it can provide a great opportunity for young people to contribute and experience, it will also be an attraction for top talents. Furthermore, Mr. Duncan believed that Hong Kong has become an international financial centre is because a group of financial elites chose Hong Kong to develop their career in the past.   He suggested that Hong Kong Government should take this as reference and find out more different methods or seek for the professional advise on how to attract people to develop the innovation and technology industry in Hong Kong.

Ms. Angel Tam, mentioned that the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is the status of key strategic planning in the country’s development blueprint, having great significance in the country’s implementation of innovation-driven development and commitment to reform and opening-up. With the total population in the Greater Bay Area is over 86 million and the GDP is USD 1,668.8 billion in 2020, this area will be one of the most dynamic areas in China. She understood that is not easy for start-up companies to be step up and breakthrough in Hong Kong. However, with the supporting in government policy and resources, she believes that Hong Kong can achieve the key elements for regional development, including the flow of talent, logistics, capital, and information between GBA cities. 

Mr. Kelvin Wong, CEO of the start-up company, CheckMate, has shared his experience of the progress of being a founder of a start-up company. He believed that if Hong Kong want to become an International Innovation and Technology Hub, Hong Kong Government should release the restrictions to the scientific research in the universities, but also encourage and enhance the collaboration between institutes or cross-boundary projects. It can push the Hong Kong start-up companies to move on and let the young people to realize the supporting on the development of International Innovation and Technology Hub from Hong Kong Government. 

INNO Leaders – Seminar

Seminar Topics:  Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way we work, accelerating trends such as remote work, automation, and the use of technology in the workplace. As we continue to adapt to these changes, it is important to understand how they will shape the future of work.

Speaker will discuss the rise of remote work and its impact on productivity, employee well-being, and work-life balance. We will also explore how businesses can create a supportive and inclusive remote work culture; focus on the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence in the workplace. We will discuss how these technologies can enhance productivity and efficiency, but also the potential implications for job displacement and the need for upskilling and reskilling; touch on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We will explore how businesses can create a more inclusive work environment that fosters a sense of belonging for all employees.

We hope that this seminar will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the future of work and help us navigate the changing landscape of work with confidence and adaptability.

Seminar Topics:  Future of Catering

In this seminar, we will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the catering industry and what this means for businesses and consumers.

Our speaker discussed how AI is being used to optimize food production and distribution. We will explore how AI-powered systems can analyze data on consumer preferences and behavior to create personalized menus, reduce food waste, and improve supply chain management; focus on the role of AI in enhancing the customer experience. We will discuss how AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can assist customers with ordering, provide personalized recommendations, and handle customer service inquiries; touch on the importance of data privacy and security in the use of AI in the catering industry. We will explore the potential risks and challenges associated with the use of AI, and the need for businesses to prioritize data protection and ethical considerations.

We hope that this seminar will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the future of catering in the AI era and help businesses make informed decisions about the use of AI in their operations.

 INNO Leaders Exchange and Visit

GBA INNO Explore 松山湖創科考察團

Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone is a national-level development zone in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It has also brought together a group of leading enterprises and high-tech R&D institutions.

In recent years, many investment promotion policies especially for Hong Kong Citizens have also been launched. 27-28 May 2023, we organized a visit there for participants to gain an in-depth understanding of policies and expand networks.

The itinerary includes some Business Visits to Dongguan an Incubator visit, and Seminars on investment promotion policies, a Business Networking Dinner with the President of Dongguan HSBC Bank, and local lawyer, and many young entrepreneurs in Dongguan, as well as Sightseeing in Dongguan, to feel the natural beauty of Songshan Lake.

由 九龍青年商會主辦的「九龍青年商會-東莞商務探訪團」,於2023年5月27-28日舉辦了「松山湖創科考察團」,邀請18歲以上香港創意創業人仕或有意創業的業界人仕參與。


東莞松山湖高新技術產業開發區, 簡稱松山湖,是中國廣東省東莞市的國家級開發區,是大灣區綜合性國家科學中心先行啟動區,並已發展為國家戰略,定位打造成具有全球影響力的原始創新高地,也匯聚了一批龍頭企業和創科高新研發機構。


    1. 企業探訪 – 認識不同行業的企業及工廠的運作模式;

    1. 參觀松山湖人才大廈 – 認識當地創科孵化基地以及招商引資、港人進駐政策;

    1. 港莞商務交流晚宴 – 與東莞年輕企業家進行商務交流,拓展當地人脈;

    1. 松山湖及華為景點參觀 – 深入感受「科技共山水一色 」的松山湖。

    • 主要參觀/探訪地點簡介:

    1. 松山湖科學城展覽館:

松山湖科學城展覽館總面積约2000平方米, 是一個集展示、科普、互動等功能於一體的城市空間展示平台。

    • 東莞探圳清華大學研究員創新中心:


    • 廣東中潤華創網絡科技有限公司:


    • 松山湖人才大厦:


    • 是次東莞商務探訪團活動成果:





    1. 為創新初創企業提供領導力培訓,以加強香港作為創新科技製造協調樞紐的角色;

    • 為香港的創科領袖提供機會,與世界各地的創新專業人士和成熟的創新科技企業家建立聯繫,以激發香港創新業務的業務發展思路;

    • 為香港的創新型初創企業提供大灣區考察和交流機會;


Nagoya INNO Explore 名古屋創科考察


    • INNO Visit: TOYOTA, ASKA
    • Networking with Entrepreneurs in Nagoya
    • Sightseeing: The Nagoya City Science Museum

九龍青年商會主辦的「INNO Leaders – International INNO Explore – Nagoya (名古屋創科考察團)」,於2023615-18日成功舉辦。是次交流項目透過民 國際青年交流資助計劃』獲得資助。主要參加者為18歲至35歲對科技創業有興趣年輕人。交流活動的目標是給香港創科領袖提供商務拓展機會,認識世界級成功企業,並建立國際性人際網絡。


透過這四天三夜的行程,參加者參觀了名古屋大型創科機構,包括ASKA, Toyota。也參觀清酒廠,認識酒瓶回收再用自動化技術從他們的工作模式、製作的細緻度、以及社會責任的履行,從而啟發了商務開拓與創科發展的新思維;



Pre-trip Briefing and Workshop – Japanese Business Etiquette