Membership Activities

Membership gatherings are organized in formal and casual ways every month by members themselves.

Project Management

Project Chairmanship
Event Management
MC Opportunities
Event Operation

Project Opportunities

Our members can get involved in project planning and executions.

There are many project opportunities in JCI.

As a new member, you can start with some small-scale projects, such as members’ gatherings, seminars, and small banquets… When you become more experienced, you will have opportunities to take roles in large-scale projects such as Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection (十大傑出青年選舉), International Conference and world projects…



Benefits to members

   Time Management

Members can learn to allocate time effectively, such as the arrangement of judging time, making the process smooth, and making the guests feel professional.

   Pitching/Presentation Skills

Business etiquette and formality are learned by inviting guests and judges, contacting the media, venue and potential partners/participants;

Communication skills are improved by on-day reception and being Master of Ceremony.

   Leadership Development

Organizing the entire event from planning to execution, providing Chairman and OCs with opportunities to learn to be responsible and skills of work allocation.

New members will be responsible for coordinating events so that more members can have the opportunity to be leaders.

   Promoting themselves

Members can strengthen business contacts and connections and build confidence through networking with VIPs, speakers and guests, and create positive changes.


Organising Committee (OC)

You can try the different roles in projects:

· Project Chairman 

· Program

· Promotion

· Partner and Sponsor

· Logistics

· Registration 

· Treasurer

· Secretary