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Message from JCI Kowloon President

On behalf of Junior Chamber International Kowloon, I would like to extend our warm welcome to all of you!

On behalf of Junior Chamber International Kowloon, I would like to extend our warm welcome to all of you!
As a leading global network organisation established in 1965, JCI Kowloon has launched many impactful projects over the years focusing on the needs of individuals and the community. JCI Kowloon is devoted to providing members with all round development opportunities to accelerate personal growth and to advance professional careers. Our members are dedicated to empowering themselves and making contributions to society.
“Care Connect Create” is the theme of JCI Kowloon in 2021. We care about our members, we connect with society, and we create positive change for the world. We endeavour to unite and engage members to seize the opportunities offered on this platform to enriching themselves and creating positive change.
Being JC members, you will have the chances to participate in overseas conferences, training and personal development courses; to engage with the local community; to organise and join social events; and many more.
Our community development projects aim to drive for continuous enhancements and innovation to serve the community. We will continue our flagship projects “Together We Care” and “Shelter Dreams”. Together We Care” concerns the mental health issues of miscarriage women while “Shelter Dreams” aims to promote the importance of better use of resources.
The business affairs project “Business to the Power N” will create an online platform to help members to expand their business opportunities and networks with our sister chapters internationally. And lastly, our leadership development project “Leaders of Leaders” will strengthen management and leadership skills development for members and youths.
If you are eager to explore new ways of doing things, and you want to see the positive impact in yourself and have the desire to serve the community. Act now and join us on this journey of local action for global impact. Let’s connect together to create positive change.
Even Leung
2021 President
JCI Kowloon