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2022 Dialogue Issue 1

Message from JCI Kowloon President – Haley Wong

Keep In Faith

Keep the Faith and do what you believe in. Faith gives us purpose and meaningful life.

There is a strong belief that something will happen according to how you wish.

Remember what we believe in and why we believe it ! If we believe good, then to do things good.

At this moment, have we thought of faith and achievement in our life? Life is never easy if we live without faith. Once you acquire and strengthen your faith, rewards will follow you.

In JCI Kowloon, here are many opportunities and projects to serve the community. We have learnt and face every single challenge from it. We encourage our members to step out the comfort zone and to try different duties out of career. The most difficult thing is how could we get through the hard time and stay until the end. The persistence is more important than efforts. Never forget why we started , and the mission can be accomplished. Keep our passion on what we are doing.

If we believe our goals are meaningful and be good to others, to stay it strong, the beautiful things will come.

Let your faith be bigger than your fears!

Message from JCIHK National President – Senator Karen Yeung

Another remarkable year has commenced, and I congratulate President Haley and her board of directors of JCI Kowloon is now in office.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

It is very important to have faith. Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible. Only if you have faith in what you are doing, it gives you magic power to attract luck and helping hands. In JCI, all projects start with an idea, we probably have to face many challenges to deliver the outcome, but having faith can lead you go through the storms and eventually you can see the rainbow. If you want to success, having faith is not enough, keeping in faith is the key. It requires persistence and patience, which let you stay strong until you can harvest.

President Haley has her slogan “Keep in Faith”, which is in line with JCI Hong Kong’s slogan “be the Change”. We encourage members to leave their comfort zone and take their first step to accept a new challenge.

In 2022, JCI Hong Kong will be hosting the JCI World Congress by the year end, and that would be another great opportunity for members to obtain new project experience. Here I encourage you to get ready for this exciting event, and leave yourselves a room to participate. I have faith in my members that they can deliver a world class congress to JCI members over the world, and I am sure that we will enjoy the process, and be proud of being JCI Hong Kong’s member.

By taking this opportunity, I would like to wish JCI Kowloon all the best in 2022, and join me to take the lead and be the Change.

Message from National Assigned Executive Officer – Goffy Chan

The theme of JCIHK in 2022 is “Be The Change”, is not about to make everything changed, is to have every one of us to stand up and to “be” the change. Only when we “be” it, we will have the energy to empowered everyone to make Hong Kong a better place for all. So, this is not only a slogan to keep in mind, is to “Keep In Faith”.

I believe in the coming year, we will still face challenges, stress and adversity. So, keeping inspiring, keeping to re-fuel the exhausted member and keeping to provide great positive energy to all of you is one of my tasks.

Next year, I have a goal for myself which is when my term of office ends, I would like to see JCI Kowloon members could keep the smile that they have on today. Don’t underestimate this smile, this is a powerful smile because it comes from the bottom of your heart. It’s that kind of smile that can influence others, that is moving to people. Most importantly, it could be the biggest positive change we’ve gained from JCI.

It is my great honor to be the National Assigned Executive Officer of JCI Kowloon this year. Surely look forward to Having a great memorable journey with this big family, and I wish JCI Kowloon have a fruitful and ”Faithful” year in  2022!


We are delighted to invite Mr. Pasu Ng (Founder of Social Enterprise in Funeral Service「一切從簡 」) and Mr. Arnold Leung (Hospice and Palliative Social Worker) to do sharing about working experience in life & death education and their working faith. 「一切從簡 」 is committed to promoting simple and solemn funeral services, reducing unnecessary procedures and expenses. At the same time, it also provides appropriate emotional support or affordable grief counseling services for bereaved families, taking care of the person’s needs from「身、心、社、靈」. Mr. Arnold has been actively promoting the public to face death with a positive and fearless attitude, providing appropriate care and support to bereaved families. He even more strongly promotes “life and death education”

Background of guest speaker

Mr. Pasu Ng – Founder of social enterprise in funeral service「一切從簡 」. He is the Founding President of HK Life and Death Studies Association and building up Facebook page「生死教育X伍桂麟」. He got the Hong Kong Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2019 and Hong Kong Humanity Awardees in 2020.

Mr. Arnold Leung – Hospice and Palliative social worker. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Master of Arts in Religious Studies and got the Fellow in Thanatology which is recognized by the Association for Death Education and Counseling. He was the 25th Outstanding Social Worker of the Hong Kong Social Workers Association.


2021 August Monthly Fellowship Gathering – “Art & Business

August MFG was held successfully on 28 August 2021 at Kowloon Hotel. Special thanks to our star speaker, Chief Executive Officer of Brands United Limited , Stanley Yeung, JP and Co-founder of Youngclub Magazine, Kaio Wu. They shared about how can we benefit between art and business in Hong Kong. Also, we had visit K11 museum to know more about the development on this platform.


2021 October Monthly Fellowship Gathering – “HK MILK TEA WORKSHOP”

October MFG was held successfully on 29 October 2021 Tea Master. What a wonderful night that our member had enjoyed in this workshop.

Causal gathering with JCI Peninsula

For exploring our member’s network, we arrange a causal gathering with JCI Peninsula on 23 October 2021. They can meet more new friends form other chapters and have a happy moment with new friends in Halloween night.


Prospective Members Orientation 3 & 4

Our PMO 3 & 4 was successfully held on 16 September and 16 December at JC Office. Thanks to our 2016 President Senator Antonia Cho and 2017 President Senator Claudia Chor. for sharing on some meaningful experience and JC Knowledge to all PMs and PPMs.

2021 November Monthly Fellowship Gathering cum Business Development in Greater Bay Area Seminar

November MFG was held on 29 Nov 2021 at Kowloon Hotel. Thanks to President of the Greater Bay Area Youth Development Association, Senator Angel Tam for sharing with us the knowledges of business development in greater bay area.


2021 December Monthly Fellowship Gathering – Christmas Party cum Award Ceremony

December MFG was held on 22 Dec 2021 at Kowloon Hotel. It’s a joyful and touching night because our members enjoyed in the games and also we thanks to our 2021 team.

Annual General Meeting

AGM has successfully held 30 September 2021. We had held a formal meeting and election on that day. Congratulations to our President Elect Haley Wong and her team. They did a great job on election session and also got much support from our members.


Senior Members Club 15th Anniversary Celebration

SMC 15th Anniversary Celebration was held on 25 Nov 2021 at Kowloon Hotel. It’s a joyful night because our senior members enjoyed in the games and dinner.


Community development

Community development flagship project-
Together We Care 2021 – Little Angel’s footprint


Experiential Workshop

“TWC2021” was held on 18 Dec 2021 at The LU plus. Thanks to Founder of Social Enterprise in Funeral Service, Pasu Ng and Author of Storybook “I always be your child” for sharing with us the knowledges of handling the emotion about the woman with miscarriage and her family.

In addition, the only one experiential workshop about miscarriage in Hong Kong had successfully held and the participants were enjoy on that.


International Affairs

Celebration on 30 Years of Sisterhood with Pan Mac JC

This year we are celebrating 30 years of sisterhood with Pan Mac JC in Macau. The celebration ceremony has successfully on 18 September 2021 on Zoom. This is a wonderful moment for two chapters to keep a stronger relationship.

Leadership Development

2022 Officers Training Camp

The training camp has successfully on 27-28 Nov 2021. 2022 board of directors has gained a lots from the training sessions and get ready for next year.